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4 ways to launch a Mini Program from an Official Account

Did you know that you can launch a Mini Program through a content piece?

At Rikai Labs, we are often asked the same question: “How can I launch a Mini Program from the Official Account?”

We absolutely agree that these are important questions that brands ought to ask, because what is a chatbot without users? Following the previous introduction on Minibots last week, we’d like to describe various ways to access WeChat Mini Programs.

Below, we outline 4 ways you can launch a Mini Program from the Official Account.

1. Launch a Mini Program from a content article

WeChat now allows accounts to launch a Mini Program embedded in a WeChat post.

Within the post, you have several ways to launch your Mini Program.

Firstly, you can launch a MP from a text in a content piece, like this!

You can also launch a MP from an image in a content piece.

And finally you can embed a card in a content piece to launch the MP.

2. Reply Message from an Official Account

Some WeChat CRMs (like Rikai Labs’ own live chat dashboard) will allow you to send a Mini Program as a chat reply.

Just try going to the Rikai Labs official account (scan the QR below) and say “MiniProgram” and you’ll get a special card to that takes you to a Mini Program.

3. Launch a Mini Program from a Menu Button

Brands can choose to link their Official Account to a Mini Program by setting the Mini Program as one of the menu buttons.

This is particularly useful for brands with existing Official Accounts to drive existing users to the Mini Program. It is one of the easiest ways to do it. Check it out at the Rikai Labs account here!

4. Launch a Mini Program from a Templated Message

Alternatively, brands could change their template messages to open to a Mini Program.


Here are more ways you can share or discover a Mini Program.

5. Linking between Mini Programs

You can open a mini program from another mini program (mini-program-ception?) like what McDonald’s has done. It could be useful when you have a variety of functions you’d like to add to your application, without confusing your users.

6. Sharing a Mini Program Card

Users can enter a Mini Program through a share card sent in group chats or 1:1 conversations. WeChat has made it easy for Mini Programs to go viral and with 2 taps a Mini Program can be shared with friends.

7. Search for a Mini Program

WeChat has a Mini Program tab that lists nearby shops and businesses sorted by category.

Users can also search for Mini Programs here.

8. QR Code

Scanning a QR code can instantly launch a Mini Program on WeChat, perfect for online to offline (O2O) interactions to enhance the offline experience much more.

Embedding a code into WeChat marketing content also drives users from marketing posts into the Mini Program with ease.

The Mini Program’s discoverability and ease of access have made it an increasingly popular tool among users and businesses alike. Within a year of its launch, the ecosystem built around WeChat has generated more than 580,000 mini-programs from 1 million developers, while Apple’s App Store offered only 500,000 iOS apps from 2008 to 2012. Yet, the understanding of Mini Programs have been limited compared to its popularity.

If you're based in Shanghai, for the first ever there is a WeChat Mini Program meetup happening on May 22 2018! We are excited to gather the local community around 3 Mini Program developers. Together we will discuss recent updates, showcase some interesting projects and share tricks to develop the best MPs. Click here to check out the details on the meetup! See you there!

Date: Tuesday, 22nd May 2018 | 6:30PM–9PM

Venue: 4th Floor, WeWork No.627, Huai Hai Zhong Lu (WeWork淮海中路627号四层)

Register here:

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