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3 things to understand before building your WeChat Mini Program

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With the constant stream of engagement numbers coming out of WeChat headquarters about the success of Mini Programs (MPs), companies might feel rushed to build a Mini Program.

However, before picking up the phone to call the IT department or the vendor, it is important to consider a couple things to make sure that your company is ready to take advantage of all that Mini Programs have to offer.

Mini Programs’ offer the flexibility and ability to link to other MPs to give brands opportunities to build creative and unique user experiences that live within a larger branded experience.

So before building out a MP strategy, it might be helpful to be aware of the following:

Brands can create their own “App Stores”

Because each Official Account can have up to 10 Mini Programs, a brand can build its build own “Mini APP Store” with a collection of Mini Programs that can serve both campaign and functional business objectives.

Functional Mini Programs

E-commerce, membership, and reservation and booking systems are the pillars of a MP strategy because they are ultimately where users convert from browsers to customers. These pillars are often transactional and as a result, the user journey from one pillar to the other can be clunky and abrupt.

Campaign Mini Programs

While e-commerce, booking and membership clubs fulfill more functional user experiences, a rotating collection of campaign focused MPs (games, chat, lucky draw, media) can act as the connectivity between functional MPs. In addition they help to drive user acquisition from one type of user experience into the other.

Mini Programs allow companies to construct unique user journeys that align with a brands aesthetics and goals without compromising functionality or creativity.

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